Valentine’s with the Single Dad

The Single Dads of Seattle

Book 7



When a business arrangement takes a personal turn …

Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Mason’s story …

Single Dad of Seattle Mason Whitfield made some big changes in his life five years ago, starting with quitting his Fortune 500 job and moving away. Now he’s back in Seattle, he bought a bar and is finally a father—life is good. But when a beautiful mystery woman keeps coming to his bar interviewing men night after night, Mason’s curiosity is piqued and he just has to know more.

Five years ago, cancer nearly killed Lowenna Chambers. Then her husband left her—for her sister. Now in remission, she just opened up her own chocolate shop and is determined to live the best life possible. Until she’s asked to do the impossible: design an enormous chocolate centerpiece and give a speech for her sister and ex-husband’s wedding, on Valentine’s day of all days. A perfect opportunity to show them she’s moved on. But first, she needs a date. A drool-worthy hunk who will steal the show. Cue, Mason who is tall, dark, dangerous and with two sleeves of tattoos to boot.

But as the wedding approaches it’s no longer a simple business arrangement between Mason and Lowenna. She likes him and he wants her, but love is never that simple and a future together begins to look unattainable.

Can Lowenna put the past behind her and spend Valentine’s with the single dad, or will she let yesterday haunt her today, ruining any chance of a beautiful tomorrow?


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“We better get a move on. Looks like there’s a bit of a break in the rain and I think Willow might be hungry.” He pressed his lips to the top of Willow’s head which was covered by a warm looking knit cap. “What do you think, my little peanut, should we get going?”

Willow simply blinked, then yawned, and then—was that an eye roll from a four-month-old?

Mason snickered. “Sass already. Wow, am I in for a ride with this one. Good thing you’re cute.”

Lowenna tamped down the disappointment in her gut at the news of his departure and instead lifted the chocolate mould higher. “One more for the road?”

That smile was going to be the end of her.

“I’ll never say no to your chocolate.”

Was that an innuendo?

He grabbed one more and popped it into his mouth, his arm reaching out again and landing on her elbow giving it a squeeze she felt all the way down to her toes. “We’ll see you tonight.”

Lowenna bit her lip and nodded. “Tonight.”

“And I promise not to step on your toes …” His face scrunched up. “As much.”

She tossed her head back and started to laugh, fully aware of his hand still gripping her elbow.

When she dropped her head again and opened her eyes, he was staring at her.

She couldn’t place his expression, but nevertheless it unnerved her.

Did she have chocolate on her face? Spinach from breakfast in her teeth. Surely, Tricia would have mentioned spinach.

“What?” she finally asked, unable to handle the intensity held in his blue eyes.

He shook his head, shaking free the extreme expression as well. “Nothing it’s just … you have a great laugh. I want to hear more of it as these weeks go by. All I want to see is on Valentine’s Day is your gorgeous smile and be able to hear that laugh from across the room.”

Heat raced through her veins at the poignancy of his words.