True, Deep and Forever: Part 2

Book 6



The seven-year itch. Where the passion fizzles, the arguments take over and the kids are everywhere—always.

But not us.

We’re over seven years into a love so raw, so real, so incredible we’ll still be this crazy about each other when we hit the seventy-year itch.

Until the unimaginable happens.

Until our family is threatened.

Secrets and lies, exes and bitter rejection plow through our lives, wreaking havoc on our fragile happiness, leaving us vulnerable to a threat that we never saw coming.

We’re drowning.

Treading water with weights on.

Garret and I need to find our way back to each other before it’s too late.

Back to the surface, to the sizzling passion we once shared before our marriage takes its final breath and sinks to the bottom never to see the light of another day.


“So are we doing it tonight?” he asked, pulling back the covers and climbing in. “That little preview earlier and with the chocolate in the kitchen has had me randy all night. Plus, you know I love when you wear that dress.”

“We probably should,” I said. “It’s been almost two weeks. I think since your staff party.”

“Yeah, I had to beat off in shower the other day, my balls were so blue.”

I nodded. “Sorry, things have just been crazy, what with the rescheduled Donahue show and all the framing people wanted done before Christmas.”

“I know. If you’re too tired, we don’t have to.”

I sunk into the covers and turned to face him. “I am tired, but we should. I’m always glad when we’ve done it. You’re very good at it—”

“But doing it just takes so much effort,” he finished.

“Exactly!” Jesus, we’d become so lame in our short year as parents. Up until Henry was born, Garret and I had had a pretty healthy if not exceptional sex life. Since meeting over seven years ago, we’d never been able to keep our hands off each other, sneaking a quickie whenever and wherever we could. Hell, we’d had a quickie in the limo on the way from the ceremony to the reception on our wedding day.

But now it seemed as though sometimes we had to convince each other as well as ourselves to have sex. It was sad.

“No!” I snapped, sitting up straight and turning to face him. “We need to have sex. We need to have sex right now. We promised to focus on our marriage this week. And sex is a very important part of our marriage. Take off your pants, Garret Banks! Take off your pants and have sex with your wife, right now.”

He gave me a cute smile and then one quick nod as he pulled his boxers off, still underneath the covers.

“You too, lady. In order to grind our genitals together, they both need to be visible.”

“I know, I know,” I dismissed. “But not yet.” I tossed the covers back, revealing his semi-hard cock. It continued to rise and grow right in front of me as I stalked toward him, lowering my head and taking him in my hand.



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