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The Quick Billionaires

Book 2, A novella


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Getting over your ex isn’t as easy as getting back under them.

 Heather Alvarez thought she was over Gavin McAllister. After all, he dumped her—on the phone—ten years ago, then vanished from her life and broke her heart. But now he’s back, and all Heather wants is revenge. Or at the very least, the breakup sex he still owes her.

 Ten years ago, Gavin McAllister made a choice and lost the one woman he’s ever loved. Now he’s determined to win her back, even if it means telling the truth. He’d do just about anything for another chance with Heather.

 But a one-night stand, no strings, no future? He doesn’t think so.

 This time he wants forever.


“What the fuck was that for?” she asked him, twirling out again.


“The snort. You think this is funny? Getting shanghaied into dancing together in front of my friends and family, all to appease my dead father?”

His face sobered. “No. Well … maybe a little.” But he didn’t miss the rosy glow to her cheeks or the smile on her face as he spun her out. She dropped the smile when forced to face him again. But deny it all she wanted, she’d missed this. He’d missed this. “It’s more of a turn-on than anything, don’t you think? Stirring up memories. Your body, in that dress, those curves, that hair flipping around. Your cheeks are pink, your eyes are bright, you look just like you used to after we’d—”

“Don’t!” she snapped. “Don’t you fucking dare.”

A big grin stretched across his face. “I’m just saying…”

“You’re just saying nothing.” Her breathing was labored. She definitely sounded like she was having sex now. Gavin’s cock surged to life in his pants.

The song was coming to an end, and Gavin’s heart rate picked up. He needed to get her alone, needed to talk to her, needed to apologize the way he should have years ago. Spinning her into his chest one more time, he looped his arm around her back and dipped her low. Like a pro, she arched deep over his arm, letting her head fall back, exposing that sexy-as-fuck neck. Ten years ago, he wouldn’t have thought twice about kissing it. Hell, he’d have probably licked and nipped it too, crowd be damned. But instead all he could do was stare. Watch as it bobbed with her swallow and the vein along the side beat in time to his own heart.


Available on all major distributors + The RADISH app


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