Love, Passion and Power: Part 2

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The Dark and Damaged Hearts, Book 2

Love, Passion and Power: Part 1 (a duet)


The moment I took him to bed, I knew I was in for one wild ride.

In the past, I’ve only known how to do two things: run and start over.

Justin has something I long for, I crave. Safety. He makes me feel cherished and believe for the first time in my life happily ever after is possible. He’s won me over. He knows my past, and promises me a beautiful future.

With a damaged heart so much like mine, I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame. The connection between us so intense, I risk burning my wings just being near him.

With him, I’m ready to embark on new adventures both in and out of the bedroom. But my damn lack of trust keeps rearing its ugly head and making me doubt what I shouldn’t. Love takes two hearts to make it work, and my history and his secrets make me question whether he feels as strongly as I do.

I don’t want to run away from love, but he may leave me no choice. And if I do, there’s no turning back.

**WARNING** Although not a menage, this book does contain scenes of explicit f/f/m  and f/f/m/m sex.



“Are you judging me? Do you think less of me because I nailed my teacher?” His voice had taken on a defensive tone. “Because I don’t judge you for taking part in some kinky swingers shit with whips and chains.”

“I was neither whipped nor chained, thank you. And no, of course, I’m not judging you. I had just hoped that for at least one of us our first time could have been romantic and somewhat normal or conventional, where we were in a loving relationship and it was all awkward and wonderful. I guess it just kind of makes me sad.”

“Well if it’s any consolation, my first time was incredibly awkward and wonderful, I just wasn’t in love.”

“Have you ever been?”

“What… in love? You mean besides with you?”


He spun back around to face me; water droplets falling provocatively down his chiseled chest. My eyes followed the drops, past his pecs, between his abs and disappearing down beneath the bubbles to where what I’m almost certain, was a raging hard-on. I couldn’t help myself and I licked my lips at the thought of it. “No. Well maybe. I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you, so I don’t think I have been. Have you?”

I shook my head. “I don’t think so. I’ve never been in a relationship for longer than a few months, so probably not.

“So, I guess in a way then,” he said, scooping me up to place me on his lap, I shifted and shimmied until I was straddling him, the tip of his cock, bobbing enticingly against the apex of my thighs, “our first time is with each other, together.”

I wrinkled my nose in confusion.

“I mean neither of us are virgins, not by any stretch of the imagination.” He grinned when I rolled my eyes. “But we’re both virgins at love and it’s awkward and wonderful in its own way. Don’t you think?”

I smiled, loving the corny but thoughtful idea. He leaned forward and rubbed his nose against mine and then kissed the top of my head. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lifted up, sliding back down slowly until he was sheathed inside of me. He raised his eyebrows in query; we weren’t using any protection.

“We’ll pull and pray like we did before at your cabin,” I said, winking. “You can finish in my mouth.” He flashed me a salacious grin before he buried his face in my chest and began rooting for a nipple.