Lost Hart

The Harty Boys, Book 2


Only one woman can find this lost Hart…

A second chance, military, single mom, romantic suspense.

 Stacey Saunders has had a less than stellar year. Until she met Chase, she wasn’t sure she’d make it through. Hired to protect her and her kids from a crime family, Chase quickly became more than just a bodyguard. He became her lifeline. Their one night of passion gave her hope for the future, for a new life. But then he disappeared.

Six months later, Chase is back. But Stacey’s not willing to just let sleeping dogs lie—or in this case, a green-eyed bodyguard. She deserves answers.

Chase Hart had to leave. He didn’t want to, but the pain, the secrets, the fears are all just too real. He wouldn’t be a good man if he brought his demons into Stacey’s world. But it becomes impossible for him to stay away from her when Stacey comes around demanding answers. Is this finally his chance for a normal, happy life. Not  by a long shot it would seem. Stacey’s family is suddenly ripped apart, a piece of her heart taken, and it’s up to Chase to bring him back safely. With dangers lurking in every dark corner, the deeper he digs, the greater the risk of losing Stacey, possibly for good.



Blowing on the soup on her spoon, she shrugged both shoulders this time. “I wouldn’t call them jerks … they were just …”

“Jerks,” he said, finally facing her. “You don’t have kids and then just fucking ignore them.” The last three words he spoke came out as more of a growl and she felt her body grow all tingly from his gritty timbre.

“Were your parents jerks, too?” she asked, wondering where his ire stemmed from.

His head shook. “Nope. Best upbringing ever. Dad died when I was ten. Mom raised four boys on her own, but she never made us feel like we weren’t loved or wanted. She worked her ass off getting her degree and to put food on the table and yet she still had time for us.”

Super Mom. Stacey only dreamt of being such a parent. Most days she forgot to either brush her teeth, brush her hair or have a shower. Some days it was all of the above. But her children were happy and she liked to think she was giving them the attention they needed, even if it meant she was sacrificing her own hygiene at times.

That made her wonder if she’d remembered to put on deodorant that morning.

Oh God.

Was she stinking up the whole house? Was Chase itching to go to another room to get away from her BO?

“I’m gonna go do a sweep outside for cameras and bugs. See if I can see any disturbance around windows if anybody’s been by or looking in.” He turned to go, but before he was completely out of the kitchen he glanced over his shoulder and hit her with those deep green orbs. “I hardly know you but I can already tell you’re nothing like your mother.” Then he left like a gossamer footed phantom which was so not what she expected for such a big man. He closed the door just as quietly and she finally let out the deep breath she was holding.

Blowing on her soup again she rested her chin in her palm and her elbow on the table. “Who are you, Chase Hart?” she murmured.

The new star of your fantasies, that’s who.







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