Living with the Single Dad

The Single Dads of Seattle

Book 4



A pain so powerful can only be eased by a love even stronger. 

 Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Aaron’s story …

Single Dad of Seattle, Aaron Steele isn’t a single dad at all. He’s a retired Navy SEAL whose sister just died, leaving him to raise her newborn daughter all by himself. Only he has no clue how to be a dad—let alone a single dad. He’s lost in a sea of diapers and bottles, late nights and exhausting mornings, all the while dealing with a failure from his last mission he just can’t shake. He needs help. He needs a nanny.

Professional nanny Isobel Jones has a heart of gold. She’s always willing to help out, no matter the cause. She spends her days with children making memories and her nights on the laptop making magic as a graphic designer. After hearing Aaron’s heartbreaking story, she jumps at the chance to help. But she never expected her new boss to be a blue-eyed Adonis with dog tags, who quickly begins to fuel her fantasies.

While the beautiful nanny is off limits, she’s also a welcomed distraction. Aaron’s grief is still raw and he just knows he’s going to mess up this whole dad thing. Isobel’s never shied away from a challenge, and that’s exactly what Aaron is–a big challenge. He’s angry and stubborn, moody and confusing, and yet she knows deep down he’s capable of so much love.

Will Isobel living with the single dad help pull him out of his misery, or will Aaron let the turmoil inside him chase away perhaps the only person that could help him finally find happiness?

Book Status: Available in ebook, paperback, coming soon in German and audio



It drove him damn near mental to see her flirting with Zak in the kitchen. Drove him over the edge most nights when he went to take a shower after her, only to smell her body wash in the bathroom, feel the steam from her shower where her naked wet body had just been. He knew it was wrong that he jerked off in the shower every night to thoughts of her, but he couldn’t stop himself. It was the only way he could temper the urge to knock on her door—no—knock down her door and claim her as his.

His back was to the door, but his training kicked in immediately and his entire body stiffened. He knew it was her. The momentary volume increase from the men in the house followed by the soft click of the door closing made his breathing turn rapid.

Suddenly, her hand was on his back, slowly moving up to his shoulder.

He swallowed and squeezed his eyes shut.

She’s the nanny.

Don’t fuck the nanny.

Don’t fuck the nanny.

Do. Not. Fuck. The. Nanny.

“Aaron,” she whispered. Fuck, her voice was like liquid honey. So sweet, so smooth. “Is everything okay?” She squeezed the top of his shoulder. “Can you turn around and look at me … please?”

That last word did it. That faint, almost timid please.

He turned around, wrapped his fist around her ponytail and took her mouth like she held all the answers, all the oxygen, all the hope in the world.

Her hands fell to his chest and she pushed him away.

Careful not to frighten her with his need, he let go of her hair and took a step back. He ran his hands through his hair and looked away. “Fuck, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was—”

“No, you were just standing on my foot.” Then she leapt up into his arms, wrapped her legs around his waist and took his mouth with the same intensity as he’d taken hers—possibly more.

Aaron groaned as she tugged on his hair, deepening their kiss, forcing her tongue deeper into his mouth. She whimpered, but didn’t pull away, instead she opened wider for him and sucked on his tongue like it was his cock—or at least how he hoped she sucked cock. Holy fuck. She nipped his bottom lip, smiling as he growled and palmed her breast. Her giggle was light and girly. He wanted to make her do it again.