Falling for the Single Dad

The Single Dads of Seattle

Book 10



When a blast from the past could blow up the future.

Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Liam’s story …

Single Dad of Seattle, Liam Dixon has a kick-*ss life. He’s a successful divorce attorney with a great kid, and an ongoing Wednesday night no-strings booty call. But seeing his fellow single dads fall in love and happier than ever, he begins to question his own life. He wants more with Richelle. A future. Finally ready to sweep Richelle off her feet, a woman who broke his heart over twenty years ago unexpectedly knocks on his door desperate for his help.

Single mom, Richelle LaRue might not be five-feet-tall, but her personality and strength are that of an Amazon. She takes no prisoners and gives zero f*cks. A damn good divorce attorney, she won’t let any man push her around, including Liam and his ridiculous idea of a “relationship.” If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. With her past behind her, life is finally good and she’s determined to give her daughter a bright and shiny future.

But when Liam’s ex shows up, her story rocks Richelle to her core, and she and Liam take the woman’s case. What should be a simple divorce suddenly turns dangerous. Richelle finds herself—and those she loves—caught in the crossfire while Liam is torn between the past and the present, with their future dangling precariously in the balance.

Can Richelle let down her walls and trust when everything she holds dear is threatened, or will finally falling for the single dad be more than her heart can bear?


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He took another step forward, invading her space. “Were you jealous?”

“If I say I was, you’ll never let me live it down.” She blinked up at him, loving the way she felt in his arms, with his breath sweeping over her, his heat surrounding her.

“You’re right, I won’t.” The grin on his face was wily. He was back to being that asshole. But an adorable asshole.

She pushed out of his arms. “Well, then, I won’t be saying it.” The elevator doors slid open and she stepped inside. He followed her.

The doors weren’t even fully closed before he was on her, kissing her with a ferocity, with a need she hadn’t felt from him before. He palmed her breast with one hand and cupped her ass with the other, pushing her hard up against the wall.

She grappled, unable to decide where she wanted to put her hands. First, they were in his hair, then his broad shoulders, finally his ass. She squeezed the globes hard, loving the way they flexed in her palms as he contracted his leg muscles and hoisted her up onto his hips.

She needed this. Badly.

Not only did she find herself craving Liam more than she ever had, but she needed a new memory for an elevator ride.

Pausing just a moment, she pulled her mouth from his. “Stop … button,” she breathed. “On the wall.”

Glassy-eyed and a bit befuddled, he craned his neck around to see the control panel. They hadn’t actually even hit a button to take them anywhere, but the moment someone else hit a button anywhere, they would start to move—and could be interrupted at any moment.

With her legs still locked around his hips, he plowed them both forward. She released his ass and hit the big red button. The elevator made a clunk sound but didn’t move.

They both chuckled. Liam followed that laugh with a growl and took her mouth again.

She wedged her fingers between them and began to unfasten his trousers. She was in a dress—easy access.