Doctor Smug

Doctor Smug


It’s all fun and games until somebody falls in love.   


As a surgical resident, my ego is beyond healthy.

So when Daisy, the stubborn and sexy matchmaker, challenges me during night trivia at the local pub, it’s impossible for me to say no.

If I win—she owes me three epic dates where I pull out all the stops to woo her.

If she wins—no dates and I walk home naked.

It’s the summer, what’s a six-block stroll home in my birthday suit?

Since she’s already smitten with me, this is going to be a breeze.

How can I say no to a sure thing?


Riley’s sizzling looks are nothing compared to his arrogance. His god-complex eclipses his charm.

Forcing him to walk home naked is just too tempting to pass up.

It’s just a friendly bet. But the stakes grow too high when fate keeps shoving him in my path.

I don’t need my matchmaker test to prove that we’re not meant to be, despite what he says.

My heart is still recovering from my last dating disaster. I find love for other people, not myself.

But I’ll get him to take the test anyway. I’ll show him that we’re wrong for each other.

We are 100% incompatible and any attraction is purely physical.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


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I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t attracted to Riley, AKA Dr. Smug. But much like a sunrise, I can say it’s nice looking but still be annoyed by it peeking behind my blinds at five in the morning and waking me up. And Riley was definitely like a sunrise. Beautiful, but really annoying. And he was undoubtably somebody I’d groan and throw a pillow at if he woke me in the morning before I was ready to start the day.

I really hoped my bet would deter him and he’d drop the whole idea of us going on a date altogether, particularly since we weren’t far from the police precinct and it would really suck if a respectable doctor was arrested for public indecency.

It’d be hilarious though.

His lips twisted and he glanced at Greg who just shrugged, then at Emily who was chuckling into her rum and coke.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when he reached his arm across the table and held out his hand. “Deal, but …”

There was always a but.

I hesitated, my hand hovering in front of me. “But?”

But if I’m betting my clothes and my dignity, you owe me three dates.”


Could I stomach three dates with this arrogant jerk? Hotness only went so far before their personality turned them downright unbearable to look at.

His fingers, long and nimble wigged in front of me, his grin so sexy, so cocky and so damn sure he was going to win I was clasping his hand in mine and shaking it before I knew what was good for me. “You’re on, doc. But I should mention, I was reigning trivia champion at the campus bar in my undergrad four years running. I also used to read the dictionary, atlas and encyclopedias as a child just for shits and giggles.”

His smile of triumph dropped like a rock in pond.

I squeezed his hand just a little tighter before pulling away and turning to Emily. “We should order food before the games begin. I can gorge myself on nachos and kick some ass at the same time. Women are excellent multitaskers.”

Emily grabbed a menu unable to keep the smile that matched mine off her face. “That we are.”

Greg slapped Riley on the back. “Looks like you’ve been played, my friend. I’d ask the waitress for some Scotch tape when she comes by to take our food orders, maybe start fashioning your loin cloth now.”

I took a chance and glanced up at Riley from where I was studying the menu way too intensely. He hadn’t peeled his gaze from me.

It burned.


But there wasn’t anger in that intense blue.


Not an ounce.

The hot doctor was looking at me like I’d just said all the right things and he was already planning dates number two, three and beyond.



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