Happy release day, Brooke Burton! Grab this sexy small-town romance NOW!

I want to wish my dear friend, Brooke Burton a happy release day!

Her small-town romance is exactly what you need to keep your relaxing long weekend going. Make sure you grab this sexy, woman on the run, notorious playboy, second-chance at a first impression romance, now!

Caroline needs a hero. She came to the small town of Harbor’s Head to escape her abusive ex-husband and start her life over. But money’s tight, she has no friends, and most of her family have cut ties with her. And then, there’s Julian, her new colleague. Drop-dead gorgeous but a notorious ladies’ man who won’t quit trying to smooth-talk his way into her pants. No thanks, she’s finished with men for now.

Until Halloween brings her the superhero of her dreams.

Julian’s never met a woman he couldn’t conquer…until Caroline walks into his office. The shy but determined beauty blows him away, but his usual methods aren’t doing the trick. Then, he gets a second chance at the company’s Halloween party, when she doesn’t realize it’s him behind the superhero mask. Messaging back and forth after the party, not only does he become her friend and confidante, she becomes his. But what will happen when they meet again, and she finds out who she’s fallen for?

Everything changes for Caroline when her dangerous ex reappears, making demands she’s afraid to refuse. Julian may not be the hero she wants…but he might just be the hero she needs.



Once the women had made their purchases, they took the back door into what appeared to be a mall-like area. Mazie and Caroline strolled through the indoor walkway, popping into shops that struck them as they went. After hitting up a few clothing stores, a shoe store, and a store selling the most delicious smelling body sprays, Mazie dragged Caroline into the most garish lingerie store she’d ever been in.

“You aren’t weirded out by this stuff, are you?” Mazie asked, digging around in a clearance bin and finding a pair of panties with tiny bells attached to them. “Oh look, good for calling the dog,” she giggled, shaking the pair, and letting them emit their tinkling sound.

“Oh my God, stop it!” Caroline said, feeling a rush of laughter threaten to erupt out of her as she grabbed Mazie’s hand.

She released the garment and continued on, finding a sheer red camisole lined in bright red fur. It came with a matching Santa hat. “Hey Caroline, get it? Ho-ho-ho?”

Caroline couldn’t stop the laughter this time, even when she tried to cover her mouth. She turned as red as that nightie did when a couple of women nearby turned their heads at the commotion they were causing. “Mazie, you’re going to get us kicked out of here!”

“Nah.” She grinned, moving toward the rack with sets of pajamas on them. Caroline felt a little more comfortable since they covered the body rather than showcased it. “I’ve yet to be kicked out of a lingerie store for being too dirty.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” Caroline noted. “Besides, who are you dressing up for?”

“Do I need to dress up for anyone?” Mazie challenged, continuing to thumb through the racks. “Maybe I just want to feel sexy for myself.”

Caroline pondered the thought, wondering for a moment what it might be like to slip into something silky for bed just because she felt sexy.

Gosh, when was the last time she felt sexy? Desired?

To her utter shock, Caroline’s mind flooded with the memory of standing in Julian’s office as he looked at her lips.

Holy cow.

Caroline quickly moved onto another rack.


About the Author

Brooke is a tortured artist who began writing plays in the 3rd grade.  After losing her muse as a teen, she struggled for years to write, but what came out on paper never aligned with what was in her heart.  Finally, after being inspired by some old friends during pandemic, her writing finally came to fruition in what became her first published novel.

Inspired by strong women who have a driven purpose and very little tolerance for bull, she enjoys exploring equality in relationships with broken characters who clearly have made past mistakes.  Don’t we all?
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