Get ready for a Harty Boys Christmas! It’s a cover and blurb reveal!

Are you ready to deck the halls, jingle those bells and trim that tree with all four harty boys, their wives, kids and mum?

Well, get ready, because October 9th, this military Christmas romantic comedy is coming at you, and it’s going to be chock full of holiday spirit, the Yuletide and dripping with mulled wine.

I can’t wait to share the final installment of the Harty Boys with you. It’s bittersweet, because I love this family, want to desperately give Joy her happily ever after, but I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about having to say goodbye.

Second generation of Hart family antics and hijinks anyone? It might just have to happen just so I can keep the good times rolling.

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The Harty Boys, Book 5



Coming October 9, 2021

Christmas, a time for family, cheer and Joy getting her groove back.

It’s nearly Christmas and the Hart brothers and their families are getting ready for another loud, crazy and wonderful holiday. But when they show up at their mother’s house with a freshly cut tree in tow, they’re in for a surprise nobody ever expected.

After losing her husband thirty years ago, Joy Hart raised her four sons on her own, got her doctorate and became an accomplished sex and relationship therapist. As much as she loves being a nana, a mom and a mother in-law, she’s far from dead and wants more in her life. For a long time, she pretended she was satisfied with the flings she had while away at conferences. Love was not on her radar. But a chance meeting with a dashing man has opened this Hart’s heart to new possibilities.

Too bad her sons aren’t onboard with the new man in their mother’s life. They’re giving Grant the gears and think he’s all wrong for their mother—for their family. He has no place at their Christmas dinner table, and the Harty Boys are determined to get the dirt on Grant before the timer on the oven says the turkey is done.

Will Brock, Chase, Rex and Heath take things too far and ruin Christmas for everyone with their stubborn, meddling, alpha ways? Or will Grant save the day, save Christmas and prove to everyone that Joy deserves a happily ever after just like the rest of them?

Note: This is the fifth book in the Harty Boys Series. It’s highly recommended to read the Harty Boys quartet first. But not every Hart found their soulmate, so I thought why not give Joy the happily ever after she deserves too? So grab your rum and eggnog, put your fuzzy slippers up, get cozy by the fire and dive into a fun, lighthearted read featuring your favorite family at Christmas time.


Exclusive excerpt

She was his first love.

His first kiss.

His first … everything.

The girl next door who loved to read her summers away in her family’s backyard hammock, write poems in the spring and fall about the blooming flowers and changing leaves, and make pinecone and peanut butter birdfeeders in the winter.

He’d loved her since he first laid eyes on her when her family moved in next door. He was fourteen. She was twelve.

She’d been shy, but her smile had made the entire world absolutely glow.

He waited until she was fourteen and “allowed to date” before he finally asked her out to the movies and ice cream. And when she said yes, he had literally fist pumped and leapt into the air for joy.

They were together after that until she passed away.

He honestly thought he’d never find love again. That his one true soulmate had come and gone. In his life for thirty years, but not nearly long enough. He and Daphne had been robbed of so much. Not only the family she desperately wanted, but of time together, too. And with her death, he was certain, so had died his heart. And perhaps that was still true. Perhaps Daphne had been his soulmate, and Zane had been Joy’s, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t find companionship and love while they lived.

Most of his heart had died with Daphne. And the way Joy spoke of Zane, most of her heart had died with him. But small fragments still beat within their chests. Keeping them going, moving forward and living the life their soulmates were denied.



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