The Navy SEAL and the heiress for only 99cents!

ON SALE March 20-27 US/UK Only
A steamy Navy SEAL, billionaire heroine romantic suspense.
Get her home, don’t fall in love. 
A harder job than this SEAL might think.
Roberto Cahill is all too familiar with difficult missions, but this particular one is proving to be the most challenging. Struggling to fit back into civilian life after retiring as a Navy SEAL, he started his own private investigation company, charging a small fortune to find people and their secrets. Recently hired by the wealthy McAllister brothers, finding their long-lost sister should be an easy assignment, right? Wrong. Skyler McAllister is one tough woman who’s on the run for her life. She has the smarts, skills and funds to keep herself on the move, and no matter how hard Rob tries, she always seems to always be one step ahead of him. Can Rob find her before whoever’s chasing her does? Can he deliver her to her brothers and out of harm’s way without letting the green-eyed vixen with a stubborn streak get captured? Or will letting his guard down be his most dangerous assignment of all?
Skyler McAllister is on the run. She knows too much and the men who murdered her boyfriend want her dead, too. With her late father’s inheritance funding her travels, and her skills forging passports helping her change her name and identity, she’s managed to stay under the radar and one step ahead of the bad guys. Only she lets her guard down when sexy, smooth-talking Cahill crosses her path. Not only do his kind eyes make her want to trust again, find a connection and someone to hold onto, but she finds herself falling for him. Only, she hasn’t trusted a soul in so long, it doesn’t come easily anymore and she struggles to let Rob in.
However, trust is the only way they’ll survive. With their lives endangered, can Skyler risk trusting a man again, particularly one who could so easily take her heart, then possibly walk away forever?