Multi-author worlds and why they’re all the rage!

You’ve probably seen a lot of “worlds” by now if you’re an avid romance reader. Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward have their Cocky Hero Club world which is like the holy grail of worlds in Contemporary Romance. There several others out there as well like the Mason Creek World, too.

I’ve thought about joining a world for a while but just couldn’t figure out where I would squeeze in writing that book since I literally have the next two years of my writing schedule planned. I’m serious, get ready for a 16-book multi-series epic crossover extravaganza to start coming your way in the spring of 2022 and right on through to 2024. All single dads and single moms, too!

BUT even with my books “planned” until the tiny human starts first grade, I still really wanted to join a world.

Why? Because not only are they all the rage right now, but it’s a really great way to get your writing style in front of new sets of readers.

Unlike a boxed set or anthology where you have to pay a buy-in fee for a group cover, set formatting and promotional costs for the entire set, when you join a world, the normal publishing fees remain the same. You pay for your own editor, proofreader, cover, formatting etc. And you keep every dime you make yourself, unlike a boxed set or anthology where the royalties get split among all the contributing authors (and when there are 20 or 25 authors in the set, those royalties can be paltry). So in essence, I would publish the book in the world under my own name and Amazon account and get to keep all the royalties. But because I’m writing in a specific world, all the authors within that world have to advertise the book to their reader lists, on their social media and in their newsletters.

If readers fall in love with my book in the world, they might look to see what else I have in my backlist. They’ll see my backlist is huge and start reading all the other books I have. Which hopefully results in a new life long fan and reader of all my books.

So, I moved some things around (in my mind, this isn’t shuffleboard) and I applied for a world and was accepted.

I have officially joined the Cinnamon Bay Romance world, and I am so excited to share this news with you.

Rock the Shores will come out May 2022 and it will be a medium heat, brother’s best friend, single dad, rock star, summer romance. I haven’t started writing it yet, but that’s next on the docket after I send Quick & Snowy to my editor. It’s all plotted out old school style on poster board though, because

that’s how I roll.

If you haven’t heard of the Cinnamon Bay world and would like to check it out, go here! I just finished Love on the Boardwalk, and now I’m reading Control the Burn. I also bought Treasure of my Heart and have read Boardwalk Beginnings and Hers to ChooseI plan to read them all, eventually, but right now I’m trying to read at least one by each author. I’ll grab September Breeze to read in September, haha!

as I make my way through the books this summer, with each page I’m getting more and more giddy to add new loveable, slightly troubled, but with good heads on their shoulders characters to the bustling, busy little seaside town in North Carolina.

cinnamon bay, rock the shores, brother's best friend, summer fling, single dad

I’m so excited to announce that I have been accepted into the
Cinnamon Bay Romance World!
My book, Rock the Shores will come out May 2022.

I haven’t started writing it yet (I need to finish Quick & Snowy first), but I’m very excited to get cracking on Evan and Juliet’s story.

(This is not the blurb, I’m just telling you a bit about it to get you all hyped)

He’s her brother’s best friend whom she had a crush on all through school.
She was the nerdy artist who always had clay on her smock and smudged glasses.
He went away after high school and became a fairly famous and very successful musician
while she went on to art school.
Now, twelve years later …
She’s back in Cinnamon Bay has opened up a pottery studio and is eager to reconnect with old friends and forget about the ex that broke her heart–and her favorite mug!
Evan comes back for the summer and between tragedy and some meddling hens who believe in magical coffee drinks,
he finally notices that Juliet is more than just his best friend’s little sister.

cinnamon bay, rock the shores, whitley cox, romance, brothers best friend, single dad, summer fling


To further celebrate the new lineup of Cinnamon Bay books coming out in 2022, we’re doing a HUGE giveaway.
I’ve donated an ebook and a signed paperback, plus there are tons of other secret goodies in the box to win.


In order to properly celebrate the new authors who have joined the Cinnamon Bay world, and announce next year’s lineup of twelve awesome upcoming romances, we’re hosting a party in the Cinnamon Bay Facebook group.
I’ll be there August 25th 5pm-6pm PST giving away ebooks and audiobooks.
You don’t want to miss the party or all the giveaways.
Every author will be there between the 25th and 26th and we’ve all got goodies to give out.
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