The top five reasons why military romances are awesome!

We all have our favorite romance tropes. And even more of us have MANY favorites. And evenhard hart, military romance, romantic suspense, harty boys series, surprise pregnancy more, even more of us probably can’t pick a favorite because there are just too many awesome tropes to choose from and we don’t want to make any tropes feel sad (as if they are living breathing things WITH feelings … *whispers: “because they are.”*)

But, as much as I like my PNR romances with vampires, witches, demons and shifters getting immortally jiggy with it, and my highland romances with bare-chested heroes with lilts that won’t quit … I have to say, I REALLY like my military romances.

My love of military romances started with Cindy Gerard’s Black Ops Series. If you haven’t read it,cindy gerard, whisper no lies, military romance you should. It probably wasn’t the best idea that the first book I picked up from this author was about human trafficking in Indonesia, particularly since two months later I MOVED to Indonesia to teach English, but the book was THAT good, and the hero that swoony and heroic that it didn’t stop me from jumping on a plane and heading across the sea.


Jeanne St. James, Ryder, Guts and Glory, military romanceI also really love Jeanne St. James’s Guts and Glory Series. Again, if you haven’t read it, you should. It’s dark, gritty and fabulous. #teamryderforever

Now, if you don’t know, I’m in Canada. And we don’t have Navy SEALs. Our equivalent of the SEALs is Joint Task Force 2. So, because my Harty Boys are Canadian, hailing from Victoria, BC, Home of the Pacific Naval Fleet, I had my men belong to Joint Task Force 2.

They’re retired from the navy and special forces however, moving back home after their time served and working together in the security and surveillance company: Harty Boys Security.

Why wouldn’t men with very special sets of skills continue to use those skills for good? It justhard hart, military romance, romantic suspense, harty boys series, surprise pregnancy makes sense, right?

So even though they’re “technically” retired, they’re still bringing all that training, all that alpha goodness and protector instinct with them no matter the job.

And if I haven’t convinced you yet why military romances are awesome, here are my top five reasons!

TOP FIVE REASONS (Plus a bonus reason) why military romances are awesome and one of my favorite tropes!

1.) Who doesn’t like a man who will do anything to protect the woman he’s falling for? These guys are protectors and heroes through and through. It’s part of their DNA and in my opinion, that’s damn sexy.
2.) The abs. The body. These guys, take care of themselves. Enough said.
3.) The stamina. Going back to reason number 2, they take care of themselves and workout, so they have stamina. *wink wink*No two-pump chumps here.
4.) They’re competitive. Find me any man or woman for that matter who has served and tell me they don’t have a noticeable-from-space competitive streak. And as much as competitiveness can be frustrating at times, in the bedroom, they’re all about beating their last “best”. That means, they want to give their heroine more orgasms, better orgasms and the next “best sex of her life.” I don’t know about you, but that’s a competitive streak I can get on board with.
5.)they’re all about brotherhood and family. they’re close with their team and have their six no matter what. that means they’re loyal and family-oriented. they don’t trust easily, but Once you’re in their “fold” they’ll go to the ends of earth to take care of who they love.

BONUS REASON: Usually a military romance is also a romantic suspense. And I happen to love to not only to read, but to write, edge-of-your-seat, heart-in-your-throat, nail-bitingromantic suspense. the mystery, the intrigue, the danger. it’s a different kind of high that I get when I read those kinds of scenes, and when they’re peppered in among the steamy scenes, that there is my kind of perfect read!

Comment below or shoot me a message with military romance recommendations. Because as well all know, a TBR is never too full!

right now, in preparation for the release of dark hart next week, i have dropped the price of hard hart to …


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hard hart, military romance, romantic suspense, harty boys series, surprise pregnancy


Exclusive excerpt

He was just drifting off to sleep when a fist landed square in the center of his back.

Groaning, he rolled over, coming face-to-face with an angry angel. “What the fuck was that for?”

“You’re taking up over half the fucking bed.” She growled.

He inched over just a bit. “Better?”

She glared at him in the dark, her little button nose wrinkling. “No. You’re enormous. Easily taking up seventy percent of the bed and probably eighty percent of the covers.”

Brock rolled his eyes. He was too tired for this shit. But he also didn’t want her to go. “What do you want from me?”

“To give me space. You’re a furnace, too.”

“Do you want me to go to the other room?”

He didn’t want to, but he would. For her. For sleep.

She grew awfully quiet. “No.”

Grunting, he sat up, scooted over to the edge. Half his ass cheek was hanging off, but hopefully that would appease the mother bear in his bed. “Better?”

She nodded. “You just need to be more considerate while you’re sleeping.”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, woman, how can I be more considerate while I’m sleeping? I’m sleeping. I have no idea what I’m doing!” Grumbling and swearing under his breath, he pulled a bunch of covers off his side and draped them over her. “There! Better?”

She grinned. “Yes.”

That sassy little smile. Fuck. It got him every time. Even when she was being an irrational, hormonal, back-punching nut job, he wanted her. He always wanted her. Never one to care about having anyone to kiss at midnight, he’d hated the idea of Krista sitting home alone the other night, ringing in the new year by herself.

“How’d it go?” she asked, rolling over onto her side and propping her hand under her head.

He grunted. “How’d what go?”

“Your job?”

He lifted one shoulder. “Everyone’s safe.”

Her lips twisted, and she drew circles on the bottom sheet of the bed with her finger. Her eyes followed her finger. “Maybe next time you could call me when you go out on a job.” She lifted her head just a touch, her eyes pinning on him. “Let me know you’re safe. I worry about you too, you know.”

Brock’s chest tightened, and his throat felt raw. Here he’d been giving her shit for not behaving responsibly enough, meanwhile he could be doing more, too. He nodded stiffly. “Okay.”

Her smile was small but triumphant.

He gave her the side-eye. He needed a distraction, and the way her breasts squished together when she was on her side like that was doing a hell of a job. “Well, now that we’re awake, you want to bang?”

Her eyes brightened, and her smile grew.  She scooted across the bed, tossing his pillow to the floor, and looped her leg over his hip. “What did you have in mind?”



hard hart, military romance, romantic suspense, harty boys series, surprise pregnancy