Second Chance with the Rancher


Mieka and Nate’s Story

 Young Sisters, Book 4



When all you thought you ever wanted isn’t at all what you need.

When Mieka Young breaks her arm in a freak accident, her dance company takes it as an opportunity to not renew her contract, calling her “too old” to dance for them. Now, literally broken and jobless, she retreats to her sister’s ranch in Colorado for a little rest and relaxation, along with some much-needed clarity.

However, the ranch is not all horses, goats, and newborn foals. There, Mieka must face a part of her past that still holds a tender space in her heart. She must figure out where Nate fits in her world, if at all. Ranch life isn’t for her, no matter how hard he tries to convince her otherwise.

Nate Harris falls in love every Friday night and falls out of it every Saturday morning. However, one hot night last summer everything changed when he and Mieka finally succumbed to their chemistry. Then she vanished, returning to work dancing on cruise ships, and living her best life. Only, now, Mieka is back at the ranch and Nate’s determined to show her the love, purpose and beautiful future she’s searching for.


“This is beautiful,” she said, releasing his hand and stepping closer to the river. “It’s like something out of a fairy tale.”

The flicker of his lighter was no comparison for the blinding light of their headlamps as he lit the joint pinched between his lips. She turned off her headlamp and he did the same. Suddenly it was just the lighter flame and the moon which only added to the ambiance and romance of it all.

“Except the hero in most fairy tales doesn’t get super baked.”

He snorted. “Only in the best fairy tales.” He took a long pull of the joint and she watched as he exhaled the smoke out into the night air.

She could only really see it as it drifted past the moonlight that dappled through the trees.

“I brought your lemonade if you don’t want this,” he said, taking another pull off the joint, then keeping it between his lips as he reached into his back pocket and brought out the bottle of cannabis lemonade.

She smiled and accepted the bottle. “I think I’ll go with this. When I smoke it burns my throat and make me cough.” She unscrewed the cap and took a tentative sip, then a bigger one. He’s grabbed a peach-flavored one for her and it absolutely hit the spot. She was a little achy after two days of being on her feet non-stop and helping Nate assemble furniture. Not to mention all the sex. That left her achy in the best kind of way. Actually, all her aches and pains were well-earned and made her buoyant with satisfaction. She was accomplishing a lot and having the best sex of her life.

“What’s got you smiling like that?” he asked, coming toward her and wrapping his arms around her waist. “Thinking about my tongue and where I had it earlier?”

She put the cap back on her lemonade before looping her arms around his waist, too. “Among other things.” Tipping her head up enough so that if they could see anything they’d be looking into each other’s eyes, she waited for the kiss she knew was coming.

It came and it took her breath away. He tasted like weed and bacon, but she didn’t mind. The kiss deepened, but not to the point where they took their clothes off.

Once they broke their lip lock he peeled away, finished the joint that he’d been keeping precariously tucked behind her back, then started to undress.

“You were serious about going for a swim?” she asked, opening up her lemonade again and taking a sip.

“Dead serious,” he said, dropping his jeans to the earth, followed by his boxers. His cock wasn’t quite the granite-hard column of love she’d experienced earlier, but it wasn’t a shriveled breakfast sausage either. He was sitting at what she’d had ex-boyfriends affectionately refer to as a half-chub.

He pulled off his shoes and socks, then he was naked as a newborn as he casually sauntered his fine ass over to the sandy beach that was below the grassy bank.

“It’s the perfect swimming hole spot,” he said. “Best one of the four cabins. Each place has something unique about it. This one has the swimming hole, the first one has a few apple trees, the next one from here has a small waterfall, and of course, the one on the hill has the view and the sunset.”

“I love that,” she said, unable to pull her eyes from his butt. They were Krazy glued to his tight, round, full derriere. She was jealous of such a nice ass, meanwhile, hers was flat as a pancake.

He turned around, smiled a cocky smile at her, then spun back around and dove in, disappearing into the inky black water that gurgled and bubbled lazily over the smooth rocks.

Where was he?

Fear crept up her spine like a demon’s claw scrambling for purchase on the edge of a cliff and she raced down to the sandy beach, searching the water for a sign of him.