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Cinnamon Bay Romance World!
Coming May 10, 2022.



He’s living the dream. But what if it’s the wrong one?

A successful musician in an indie rock band, Evan Spencer takes the summer off and returns home to Cinnamon Bay, hoping the R&R will inspire him to write some new songs. He never expected to run into Juliet Clarkson on his first day back in The Bay. The Juliet he remembers was a paint-and-clay-covered kid with braces and frizzy hair. Now she’s a successful potter, and the most compelling woman he’s ever seen.

Juliet Clarkson has been in love with Evan … well, forever. She pined for years over the soulful-voiced best friend of her older brother. Swooned when she heard his guitar. Dreamed of him noticing her one day. And when that day happens, Juliet doesn’t know if she’s still dreaming, or if all her dreams are finally coming true.

But when tragedy strikes close to both their families, Evan is forced to give up his carefree summer in Cinnamon Bay and be the stand-up guy that an orphaned baby needs. Good thing Juliet is there to help. Sparks fly instantly, and soon their romance is real, all-consuming—and people are talking wedding bells.

But when the opportunity of a lifetime comes knocking, offering him and his band the fame they’d always dreamed of, he has to make a decision. Which is the dream come true—the life onstage he and his band know best? Or the unexpected new life he’s building in Cinnamon Bay with Juliet?

Fall in love with the sexy heroes of Cinnamon Bay as you dive into a new world of romance, mystery, and magic in this quirky, seaside village on the dune-swept coast of North Carolina.

No resident is safe from the myth-shrouded magical love spice or the triple threat of the genteel little old ladies known as the Matchmakers — Hattie, Trixie and Birdie. So, come join us on the Bay’s Boardwalk with its cooling breezes, charming shops, and a one-eyed cat named Hook.

You’ll swoon for your newest book boyfriend in our Cinnamon Bay Romance novels with sexy tales of broken engagements, single parents, doctors, nannies for hire, enemies to lovers, secret adoptions, returns to hometown and friends to lovers.

You’ll want to one-click each and every one of these small-town romances!

Cinnamon Bay Small Town Romance Series

(each story is stand alone with its own HEA)


Love on the Boardwalk -Book 1

September Breeze by Nikki Lynn Barrett-Book 2

Playing Doctor by Monique McDonell-Book 3

Jewel of the Bay by Brea Viragh-Book 4

Must Love Maybe by Holly Cortelyou-Book 5

Treasure of my Heart by Shannyn Leah-Book 6

Hers to Choose by Connie Davé-Book 7

Haunting on Seafoam Street by Brea Viragh-Book 8

A Christmas Arrangement by Monique McDonell- Book 9

Celebration on Seafoam Street by Brea Viragh

Control the Burn by Brea Viragh

The Carmichaels of Cinnamon Bay

Boardwalk Beginnings -Book 1

Boardwalk Dreams by Shannyn Leah – Book 2

Boardwalk Memories by Connie Dave-Book 3

Boardwalk Bliss by Brea Viragh-Book 4

Boardwalk Bound by Monique McDonell – Book 5

Boardwalk Memes by Nikki Lynn Barret- Book 6