Quick & Snowy

Book 5, A Quick Billionaires Novel

The Final Book in The Quick Billionaires Series

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(Due to some scheduling issues I have pushed back the release date of this book by a month from November 13 to December 11, thank you for understanding)


Get her to her family and home for Christmas. Keep it in your pants. Easier said than done.

Retired SEAL and now special operative, Barnes Wark just wants to finish his current job—find the long-lost McAllister sister—then escape to solitude in his beachside cottage. He’s not one for fuss, people or holiday cheer.

But for the last four months, every lead has been a dead end, and he’s getting pissed.

Hiding away in a seaside village in beautiful Portugal, he finally finds who he’s been searching for.

Unfortunately, she’s not leaving without a fight and that pisses him off even more.

Dr. Brier Scofield allows herself one indulgence in life and that’s one three-week vacation every year. With no family, she’s dedicated her life to curing the disease that killed her mother.

So when a handsome, but frustrating, stranger shows up and says she has family waiting for her in the snowy mountains, she doesn’t know what to think.

Going from no family to a ton seems daunting and something this quiet, introvert isn’t ready for.

Barnes doesn’t care if she’s ready or not, he has a job to do—and that job is her.

In more ways than one.


His brow lifted. “Are you Brier Scofield?”

Her eyes darted around the café. There were tables all around her, and a she already knew she was a crappy runner on a good day, so trying to outrun this fit guy in the sand, or on the boardwalk would be a nonstarter.

All arousal she’d felt for him a second ago evaporated, only to be replaced with a deep, dark feeling of dread.

Did she just wave over the man who was going to kill her?

Of all the people on this beach, of all the people in Albufeira, in The Algarve, in Portugal, she went and decided to wave at someone, and it turned out he wanted to kill her. Knew her name and had the whole gory scene planned out.

Maybe if she lied, and told him she wasn’t Brier Scofield, he would just move along down the boardwalk and she could run back to her guesthouse, pack her bags and leave. He probably knew where she was staying. She wasn’t safe.

Not anymore.

Her safe haven or respite had been compromised.

Could she ever return to Albufeira?

“I’m not here to hurt you,” he said, after nearly a minute had passed and she still hadn’t answered him. “I’m here with information. News.”

That didn’t calm her nerves even a smidge.

He glanced at the empty chair that was on the other side of the table she occupied. “May I?”

She didn’t shake her head, but she didn’t not either. It was a combination of the two which just ended up being her head jostling awkwardly around on her neck.

He took that a yes, and sat down.

“I’m Barnes Wark. I’m former U.S military and now I do contract work.”

A contract killer.

She knew it.

She just knew it!

“I’ve been hired by the McAllister family—”

To kill me.

“Because they believe that you might be their long-lost sister.”

Wait what?

She shook her head. She must have cotton or sand or something in her ears. Did this guy—this very delicious looking guy—just say she might be somebody’s long-lost sister?

She still hadn’t said anything.

Not a peep.

He was looking at her like she was crazy.

And at that very moment, she did feel a little bit crazy.


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