Not Over You

Not Over You

Rayma and Jordan’s Story

Young Sisters, Book 2




She’s thankful for many things this year, but her ex moving back to town isn’t one of them.

Four years ago, Officer Jordan Lassiter swept Rayma Young off her feet, making the twenty-year-old finally feel safe and loved. His quiet, calm, take-charge attitude made it easy for her to trust him with all of her secrets—even the dark ones.

Eager to prove himself as a rookie cop, Jordan accepted a transfer too far away for their relationship to work. Heartbroken, they broke up but remained friends. Or at least that’s what she thought …

Three years later, Jordan’s back and thinks they can just pick up right where they left off.

Not happening.

Hurt and angry for ghosting her, Rayma has slammed her walls back up and not even Jordan and his patient control will convince her to give him back her heart.

But when they wind up at the same Thanksgiving dinner, it’s all Rayma can do to remain strong as happy memories begin to crack the protective shell she’s forged around her heart, while Jordan does everything he can to win her back.
Except give her the one thing she needs.
His trust.

***You asked for it, and I’m delivering. The thin-filtered youngest sister of Pasha from Dark Hart and Full Hart is finally getting her own HEA. Get ready for quick-wit, zero f*cks given, and the Hart family at their meddling best.



He came up behind her wearing one of his sexy, knowing smiles. “I may have taken us a bit off course, but I assure you, my intentions were—”

“Pure?” She lifted a brow.

“No, purely sinful,” he said, invading her space and backing her up until her ass hit a tree. He let the backpack slide off his back to the ground and reached for her hands, pinning them above her head against the rough bark of the tree. “Keep your arms above your head. And, no, we won’t run into people out this way. Just the birds, the deer, the squirrels, and the—”

“Cougars?” she quipped, lunging out and capturing his bottom lip between her teeth.

He growled and pulled away, capturing her mouth with his. Their tongues met in a frenzy of motion, passion, and desire shooting through them as he held her arms above her head with one hand, then cupped her breast over her white tank top with the other, she was wearing a sports bra, and he growled in frustration when it wasn’t easy for him to free one breast and pinch her nipple.

“Fucking hate these things,” he grumbled, breaking their kiss and scraping his teeth along her jaw.

“Too bad, Lassie. Sports bras are a wardrobe essential. I’m not going to go hiking in a pushup bra with painful underwire. Give your head a shake.” He sucked on her neck and she tilted her head to the side. “You’ll just have to take all my clothes off.” She grinned and pressed her pelvis against his, feeling his erection beneath his khaki pants.

He nipped her neck. “Guess so.”

In no time, he had her completely naked, not even in her underwear, and back up against the tree. He was still completely dressed and the way his eyes roamed her body, heated her skin to the point where sweat misted her forehead. The breeze was cool, but it was no match for the inferno raging inside her and how badly she wanted—nay needed—this man.

“Not fair, Lassie,” she said with a pout, taking in his still clothed body. “I’m out here, naked as a jaybird and you’re all covered up.”

“Clothing just hinders your beauty.” His words were husky and dripping with deep while his gaze remained hot and heavy on her body, shrouding her in warmth and causing her nipples to tighten to stiff, painful points.

“You gonna just stand there and stare at me, or are you going to get over here and do something with all this naked beauty?” He’d told her to put her hands above her head again, but like the brat that she was, she dropped her arms and squeezed her breasts together, biting her lip provocatively. “I’m so wet, baby.”